Affiliated to Maharashtra Olympic Association and Gymnastics Federation of India

Affiliated to :  Gymnastics Federation of India, and Maharashtra Olympic Association.
Recognised by: State Sports Council, Pune vide No. 18/x/1091/ks-31
Registered under: Bombay Public Trusts Act 1950 vide No. F/1408 dt.19th July 1966, Societies Registration Act, 1860 vide No. BOM/15/1966 GBBSD dt. 12th February, 1966.

Maharashtra Amateur Gymnastics Association (MAGA) was founded in 1958. It is now strongly supported by 33 affiliated districts.
MAGA is dedicated to develop gymnastics in the state & its values by encouraging participation, growth & personal success for everyone. MAGA has entered in its 51st year under the able leadership of strong Executive committee and leadership of Shri Sanjay Shete (President) and  Shri Makrand Joshi (Secretary) and representatives from 35 affiliated Districts. Gymnastics activity is percolated up to grass root level in the state by the network of MAGA.

The cultural base for the expression of all body movements are titled as "Gymnastics". Interestingly, the Rules of Gymnastics are concerned with education, Training & activities emphasizing the Physical as well as psychological well being of an athlete. "Physical Education" & "Sport" are the two pillars of interest of international governing body for gymnastics i.e. Federation International de Gymnastics (FIG). Gymnastics is one of the oldest Olympic sports & was first practiced at the ancient Olympic Games where the competitors performed variety of events including running. There are currently 122 federations affiliated to the FIG. In 1896, with the revival of the Modern Olympic Games, gymnastics was included in the program of the first Olympic Games.

The competitive Gymnastics is practiced by both men & women. It attracts & captivates crowds around the world, in the sports arena as well as on television. It is one of the most popular sports in the Olympic program. It is practiced widely around the world. Gymnastics competitions are the demonstration of strength, beauty & courage. It is a powerful means of attracting people.History of gymnastics says that Gymnastics Federation of India (GFI) was founded in 1950 during the national championship held at Vallabhabhai Patel stadium, Worli, Mumbai. GFI, affiliated with Asian Gymnastics Union, having 26 states affiliated, co-ordinates & controls Indian gymnastics.

You are aware that Gymnastics activity contains huge paraphernalia of apparatuses of feverous types, mats, crash mats & floor mats for safe performance, safety equipments, training kits, electrical & electronic devises to record touch, timing & points. Financial support is one of the major stumbling blocks in its development.

We wish to bring professional, technical & technological advances in the coaching, training & organization of competitions in future. As you know that, Gymnastics is a sport that combines various exercises that improves body flexibility, strength, co-ordination, suppleness, agility & stamina along with neuro muscular development. Gymnastics includes Artistic boys gymnastics, Artistic girls gymnastics, Rhythmic gymnastics, Aerobics gymnastics, Trampoline gymnastics, Tumbling gymnastics, Acrobatic gymnastics & General gymnastics (Gymnastrada), all these disciplines with different yoga positions including somersaults, twisting & tumbling exercises. It also consists of sports acrobatics, acrobatics tricks, acrobatic ballet, acrobatics dancing, hand to hand acrobatics, apex acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, acrobatics tricks, ballet, aerobic exercise, aerobic fitness, aerobic step, aerobic dance, aerobic workout, dance aerobics, aerobic exercises, aerobic fitness, free aerobics, aerobics routine. The word Gymnastics includes acrobatic, acrobats, gymnastics clubs, rings, music, grips, gymnastics skills, toddler gymnastics, kids gymnastics, gymnastic clothing, gymnastics leotard, gymnastics lessons, gymnastic routine, gymnastics trampoline, cheerleading gymnastics, airborne gymnastics, children's gymnastics etc. In short, all gymnastics elements keep the spectators spell bound. Therefore, it is known as mother of all sports.